The Extras


Ravan and Eddie are back!

And they’re bigger, better and guaranteed to have you laughing out loud.

Having grown up in the city of movie stars who drip glamour, the two mortal enemies, Ravan and Eddie dream of strutting down the road to super-stardom. But can Ravan, a lowly taxi driver, and Eddie, a bouncer-cum-bartender at an illegal bar, rise from their dusty CWD chawl to the glittering heights of international fame?

To complicate matters further, their love lives hang by a thread. Eddie, secure in having got Belle, the Anglo-Indian girl of his dreams, must now figure out how to overcome prejudice from both their families and his own apathy, in order to keep her. And Eddie’s sister Pieta, the object of Ravan’s adoration, is completely oblivious to his existence – until he saves her life.

Complete with a cast of soul-searching drunks, a nemesis called Three Point One, and nymph-like damsels in distress, The Extras is much more than a book about Bollywood or Bombay. It is the engrossing tale of a near-epic struggle against obscurity and towards self-realization; and is outrageously exuberant in the telling, and touching in its depiction of the large and small tragedies that shape our lives.

The Extras


Kiran Nagarkar is that rare writer who has nothing to prove except fidelity to his characters….(He) is a genuine experimentalist: he combines in his writing a tremendous instinct for storytelling with a rare openness of imagination. He is willing to go where it takes him, express it in whatever form and through whichever language. What remains constant is his subversive pleasure in fiction for its own sake. It makes him one of our most precious writers.
Anjum HasanCaravan
(The Extras)… is incredibly cinematographic, painting frames and scenes that play out in the mind’s eye like a reel of film…It is often laugh-out-loud funny, sliding between wry and slapstick and Walter Mitty-like flights of fancy.... It’s an intelligent, memorable, vastly entertaining romp through the intriguing world of background Bollywood. It speaks for millions of contemporary young and hungry dreamers in urban slums and small towns all over India whose can-do spirit may be pitted against ugly realities, but who don’t give up easily. And it once more marks Kiran Nagarkar as one of India’s most talented, and most overlooked, writers of novels in English.
Mitali SaranBiblio
Kiran Nagarkar's latest novel The Extras is packed with extraordinary energy, drenched in dark humour and is an affirmation of life.
Aparna KarthikeyanThe Hindu
'The Extras is a rambunctious celebration of life that's lived at ground level.'
Anwar AlikhanIndia Today
(The Extras offers) …cunning brilliance in story-telling, in conjuring up feral sex scenes, wicked black humour and disturbing insights into human nature.'
Suparna SharmaAsian Age
The good news is that Ravan and Eddie are back. The better news is that Nagarkar is in pitch-perfect form….You are never released from Nagarkar’s vision of the city, but you are almost unaware of being in its thrall. You are held by the ease with which this dystopia is limned with hope…The Extras is a magnificent book. It is ambitious in its sweep but intimate in its execution. Ravan and Eddie come back to life, but with the tough love of a Maharashtrian father, there is no soft landing.'
Jerry PintoMumbai Time Out