Ravan and Eddie


A hilarious story about Ravan, a Maratha Hindu & Eddie, a Roman Catholic growing up to adolescence on different floors of the Central Works Department chawl no 17 in Bombay.

Having never before been inside a Chawl, this book brings the murk and the reality of the chawl life right into your drawing rooms.

The story starts off when Ravan is not yet born & Eddie is barely a year old. It then follows them through the twists & turns of their growing up, the pleasure, the pain, the horror, the angst, the guilt, the questions … they are all there in the book.

Ravan & Eddie

‘A first-rate novel… Kiran Nagarkar is a born story-teller with an unerring eye for detail, skilled in the use of words and an artist of the erotica. He will go very far.’
Khushwant SinghIndia Today
‘Kiran Nagarkar’s second novel (is) insouciant, savage, disarming and profound… (His) imagery has the quality of switch-blades flickering in the dark alley of the narrative. (His) humour is dark, but passionate.’
Manjula PadmanabhanThe Asian Age
‘(Ravan and Eddie is) one of the wittiest, bawdiest, most perceptive books in contemporary Indian English literature.’
Prem PanickerThe Sunday Observer
‘Kiran Nagarkar is totally unpredictable, and reading his books is like taking a roller- coaster ride for the imagination… (His) use of language recognises no barriers, and flows over through and around the reader, engulfing him in a torrent of fantastic images… (His) lively imagination is like a force of light, touching now this problem, now that. His digressions are perhaps the best part of the book.’
Usha HemmadiIndian Express
Wicked, magical, hilarious, enduring: A masterpiece from one of world literature’s great cult writers.
Katherine Boo